Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. It is our policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from. We want to provide the easiest way for you to understand the information we collect on you, what we do with it so you can define the level of privacy you want. There are two cases for this privacy policy as you use Hiring OS for recruiting.

Visitors to our website

If you are a visitor to our website, we do not collect personal data (except your IP address in our log file, which is held for a limited amount of time). There are 2 main reasons that we use cookies. They are detailed below :

  • To deliver the service with the help of a session cookie.
  • To understand how our website performs and how our marketing campaigns perform.

For that purpose we use Splitbee and Fullstory for statistics, Crisp for our customer support as well as some cookies to store where you came from on your first visit, the first content you saw, which version of our website you visited. It is very important to us so we can analyze what we are doing regarding marketing to ensure our growth and provide a better product over time.

Important resources on the web:

There are online resources that inform you about privacy and how to stop being tracked. We recommend reading these:‍‍‍‍

User of Hiring OS

If you are or were a user of the Hiring OS for recruiting, we are collecting all the previously mentioned info, but also have collected some additional information such as:

  • The name of your company, your first name, email address, and the size of the hiring team.
  • This information is mandatory to create and manage your account.
  • We might eventually also store your phone number or your Skype account or some additional info you gave us.
  • We do not give or sell any of this information to third parties.

Right to access/rectify/delete your personal data:

You have the right to contact us to know which information we have on you and request an update or deletion (email us on Some information cannot be deleted while you have an active account. Be aware that your data may live inside backups for up to 6 months after their deletion on our database.

Third party services:

Once you’ve subscribed to our service, we’ll use several services to communicate with you. These include Crisp (support system inside the app), Mailerlite (sending our newsletter), Tally (form provider for your candidates). Those services will hold some of your personal data and are all compliant with GDPR.

If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us, on

Last Modified: December 21, 2021